1. To assist with establishing competency to practice at the completion of the programme by:
    i.  Supporting candidates enrolled in the VRPCC
    ii  Supporting laboratories that are assisting candidates to complete the VRPCC

Curriculum Objectives  
2. To assist candidates to achieve and demonstrate competency to practice, by successfully completing all components of the VRPCC

Training Delivery 
1. An enrolment pack will be developed and provided to candidates documenting course requirements, information on the workbook and logbook process, internal and external assessments and time frames and a description of processes to deal with any problems/eventualities that may arise during their course, including a complaints process
2.  Define the role and requirements of NCPTS cytoscientists as moderators and assessors
3.  Define the role of laboratory cytoscientists as supervisors and incorporate this in an introductory document which includes guidelines for supervisors of VRPCC candidates and clear expectations of supervisors
4.  Finalise the first of two 100-slide SurePath test sets, and commence work on a  second SurePath set (ThinPrep sets are complete)