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The NCSP funds a specific scholarship fund programme in order to support New Zealand laboratory scientists and cytotechnicians reporting cervical cytology to attend conferences and courses. In some years the NCPTS runs a National Training Day, funding New Zealand scientists / cytotechnicians to attend a one-day programme within New Zealand.  In 2021 there will be a National Training Day in the second half of the year. Scholarships will also be offered in 2021 for registration for online conferences and courses in 2021/2022. 

Introduction to the NCPTS Scholarship Programme  

NCPTS Scholarships for scientists and technicians providing services to the NCSP in New Zealand are funded by the National Cervical Screening Programme (NCSP) and managed by the NCPTS. There are three categories: 

1. Scholarships for the NZIMLS ASM are awarded in April for the NZIMLS conference in August of the same year.

2. Scholarships for Australasian courses and conferences are awarded in October for events in the next calendar year.

3. Scholarships for International courses and conferences are awarded in October for events in the next calendar year.

Scholarships on offer in 2018 are:
1.   Four scholarships of $500 to cover costs for the NZIMLS ASM will be advertised in early 2019
2.   Seven scholarships of $2,000 to cover costs for conferences or courses in Australasia in 2019
3. Two scholarships of $4,000 to cover costs for international conferences or courses outside Australasia in 2019

Scholarships for the NZIMLS ASM are open to practising cytoscientists/cytotechnicians, histoscientists/histotechnicians processing gynaecological histology specimens, and molecular scientists working in HrHPV testing.

Australasian scholarships are open to cytoscientists, cytotechnicians, histoscientists and molecular scientists.

International scholarships are open to cytoscientists, histoscientists, molecular scientists and cytotechnicians with at least 5 years postqualification full-time experience (or equivalent).

Applications for Australasian and International scholarships open 1st July, and CLOSE on 28th September 2018. The outcome will be notified to all applicants by 31st October.

Application information and Terms and Conditions can be downloaded from the tabs above.

Previous Australasian and International scholarship recipients have provided  conference/course reports which can be viewed on the tab above.