This module consists of 10 SurePath cases and 10 ThinPrep cases with links to digital images on the Sectra Platform where you can move around the image, zoom in and focus up and down through the image. These are scanned cytology LBC slides and the link will take you directly to the digital image.

This module aims to provide an opportunity to test your diagnostic skills using digital images and to discuss each case in the clinical context to show how the cytology fitted into the clinical pathway for the person concerned. Look at the cases in both LBC types as there are clinical teaching points for all cases, as well as looking at the morphology.

Instructions for each case:
1. Read the clinical details

2. Click on the link to access the digital image. Look at the image and decide how you would report it

  • The slides have been annotated to illustrate the fields of interest
  • Zoom in and out using the scroll wheel on your mouse
  • Focus up and down through the image by clicking on f on the left-hand panel on the screen and sliding the central button to the left or right
  • You can add further annotations to assist with your slide review by using the menu that pops up if you right-click on the image. These extra annotations will not be retained when you exit the image.

3. Enter you answer in the space provided. This will enable you to progress to the next screens which provide the answer, a description of the morphology, follow-up information and sometimes a brief comment about the case.