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Welcome to the annual NCPTS workshop for cytoscientists and cytotechnicians. The workshop is being delivered online for the first time because of COVID-19 constraints.

The workshop is designed to take 3 hours in total and we recommend that you plan to take at least one break during the 3 hours as training online requires focussed concentration.

There are 5 modules. Approximate completion times are given.

Module 1: 10 unknown SurePath and 10 unknown ThinPrep digital eCases – 1 hour

Clinical details and a link to slide images are provided. Entering your answer for the case will enable access to the answer, a brief discussion of the morphology, follow-up details and a brief comment.

Module 2: Interesting Case Studies – 30 mins

Two SurePath and two ThinPrep cases are discussed in more depth. Clinical details, cytology photographs with an opportunity to decide how you would report each case are provided before revealing the answer and a case discussion.

Module 3: A Powerpoint Talk about using self-sampling for HPV testing – 30 mins

A PowerPoint talk with voice over discusses the evidence for offering self-sampling in the HPV screening era, the implications for the NCSP and for laboratories

Module 4: Journal-based learning – 30 mins

A link to a recent Journal article discussing the new classification of cervical squamous cell carcinoma in histology is provided. You will be asked to read it and answer a series of questions about the article.

Module 5: Daily Decisions in Cytology – 30 mins  

This multiple choice quiz addresses difficult clinical situations where cytologists made decisions regarding report recommendations or whether HPV test requests should be accepted for processing. Some questions also ask about screening advice for sample takers.

A brief survey of the value to you and your experience of this workshop, concludes the session.

NOTE: Several modules require you to enter an answer before accessing the next screen. Engaging your brain to answer the questions will mean that you will learn more from this workshop than you would if you just looked at it. This is an educational exercise, not a test. No-one will be looking to see what answer you put – this is for your benefit only. We do need to know that you have completed the workshop before we can provide you with a completion certificate and the entered answers is the way we will know you have done this.

The NZIMLS has assigned 6 points for completion of the 3 hour workshop. If you are unable to complete the 3 hours, please email Melinda Paterson at to discuss a certificate covering part of the time only. The NZIMLS is allowing 2 points per hour of completion.

Please complete the final survey. The NCPTS is planning a face-to-face workshop for 2022, COVID permitting, but we are likely to make increasing use of online training in the future. We are very interested to know what has worked for you, what hasn’t worked very well and which different types of learning suit you best. Thanks for assisting with this.

We do hope that you enjoy the workshop and find it beneficial for your work.

The NCPTS Training Team:

Margaret Sage, Wendy McBurnie, Ashika Bissoon, Christl Kirstein and Melinda Paterson