1.  Ensure that cytopreparation staff have a basic understanding of the role of cervical/vaginal cytology in the prevention of cervical cancer

2.  Improve technical skills in handling and processing specimens, including suboptimal specimens

3.  Foster a sense of inclusion of cytopreparation staff in the cytology team

Curriculum Objectives

1.  Improve the level of knowledge about the role of cytology in the prevention of cervical cancer, and the way cytology       relates to histology and HPV Testing

2.  The principles behind the processing of ThinPrep and ThinPrep samples

3.  Safe handling of chemicals and solvents

Training Delivery

1. In-house teaching modules

– HPV Test technologies in current use in New Zealand

– Overview of the roles of Cytology- Histology – HPV testing in cervical cancer prevention

– Controlling HPV contamination – and trouble shooting

2. Invitation to attend the NCPTS National Training Day