Junior Workshop 2022Senior Workshop 2022
Year 1-2 Registrars

Online – July 15th
Year 3 – 5 Registrars 

October either online or in person

Workshop Aim:
The aim is to assist registrars to achieve competency to practice by the end of their registrar training by becoming:
1.  competent in reporting cervical cytology
2.  knowledgeable about cervical screening
3.  informed about the role of a pathologist working with the NCSP in NZ

Workshop Outline:
·  The teaching programme aims to supplement the teaching already provided by the various registrar teaching programmes in New Zealand
·  One weekend workshop day is offered annually: years 1-3 registrars on a Saturday and years 4-5 registrars on the Sunday in Auckland and all registrars on one day in Christchurch. Each registrar therefore can attend 5 training days during their 5 registrar years.
·  The timing of the workshops is at the request of the registrars, to fit in with the RCPA examination timetable.
·  Three talks are given on each day, alternating with three multiheader teaching sessions.
·  The years 1-3 lectures rotate on a three yearly cycle and the years 4-5 lectures rotate on a two-yearly cycle, so no lectures are repeated for a registrar who proceeds through their registrar years passing Part 1 and Part 2 first time.
·  Education modules are posted on the NCPTS websiet and registrars are encouraged to work through the relevant modules before the workshop. The talks are interactive where possible, particularly for seniors.

Lecture Topics:

          Year 1 (2018)            Year 2 (2019)                Year 3 (2020)
Lecture 1Anatomy of a gynae cytology laboratory. 
Quality Assurance in cervical cytology
The Bethesda System 
Unsatisfactory smears. 
Benign/reactive smears.
The squamous spectrum
Lecture 2Glandular lesions.
Endometrial cells in cervical smears.
HPV and cervical cancer update.Screening for cervical disease : a new era
Lecture 3Colposcopy: Diagnosis and management of cervical disease.Management of women with microinvasive or invasive cervical cancer.NZ Management Guidelines for women with abnormal smears. 

Lecture Topics:

 Year 1 (2020)Year 2 (2021)
Lecture 1Using technology in cervical cytologyDifficult high grade squamous lesions
Lecture 2Difficult glandular lesionsClinical aspects of HPV infection
Lecture 3Cervical Histopathology: Difficult decisions in invasive tumoursCervical Histopathology: Reporting difficult pre-invasive lesions