The aim is to assist registrars towards competency to practice by becoming:
1.  Competent in reporting cervical cytology
2.  Knowledgeable about cervical screening
3.  Able to practice as a pathologist working with the NCSP in New Zealand

Curriculum Objectives

1.    To assist registrars to meet the learning objectives and knowledge requirements of the RCPA Curriculum.

2.    To develop their skills as trainee pathologists to

(a)  report gynaecological cytology and histology

(b)  understand the responsibilities of a pathologist reporting to the NCSP

(c)  work as a pathologist in complex teams, including multidisciplinary teams

(d)  understand the pathologist’s role in the screening pathway

(e)  interpret clinical information including patient history and colposcopy findings

(f)  apply hrHPV testing in clinical practice

(g)  apply NCSP management guidelines

(h)  interpret ancillary tests such as p16 and Ki67

(i)   understand new technologies and apply them appropriately.

Training Delivery

1. Annual Weekend Workshops for Anatomical Pathology Registrars. Timing and locations to be determined by further discussion with registrars.

2. Six glass slide teaching sets (three ThinPrep and three SurePath) circulated to all New Zealand registrars.

3. Provide a test slide set to New Zealand Registrars sitting the RCPA cytology examination in either SurePath or ThinPrep (as elected by each candidate) with feedback provided.

4. Develop further education modules for registrar study, to provide more direction to registrars and to encourage self-directed learning.

5. Invitation to attend the cytoscientists’ morphology workshops in 2018

6. Invitation to attend the 2018 NCPTS National Training Day.