1.  To increase expertise in running high quality hrHPV Testing services

2.  To increase knowledge of the role of hrHPV testing in the management of cervical lesions and the prevention of cervical cancer in screening and clinical contexts

3.  To foster cohesion and interaction of molecular scientists as a professional workforce group

Curriculum Objectives for 2018 

Molecular scientists and technicians performing hrHPV testing will: 

1.  Have a good working knowledge of HPV testing methodologies 

2.  Be proficient in running a high quality HPV Testing service in the methodology they use in daily practice

3.  Have a good working knowledge of the role of HPV in the pathogenesis of cervical cancer, including the role of different subtypes

4.  Understand how HrHPV testing fits into screening and management pathways in the prevention of cervical cancer

Training Delivery 

1. PowerPoint/webinar talks for in-house training

– Overview of the roles of Cytology – Histology – HPV testing in cervical cancer prevention

– HPV test technologies in current use in NZ

– Controlling HPV Contamination, including trouble shooting

2. Invitation and funding (for scientists) to attend the NCPTS National Training Day.