1   To increase expertise in gynaecologic histopathologic diagnosis 

2.  To increase knowledge about the availability and use of new techniques and technologies in daily practice 

3.  To ensure that all pathologists have a contemporary understanding of cervical cancer screening and prevention 

4.  To ensure a good understanding of the responsibilities of pathologists reporting to the NCSP

Curriculum Objectives 

1.  To improve the consistency of histopathology diagnosis in New Zealand

2.  To improve understanding about the screening pathway, including the integrated use of cytology, HPV Testing, histology and colposcopy in the assessment and management of cervical pathology

3.  To increase knowledge about new techniques and technologies

4.  To ensure that histopathologists understand their responsibilities as a pathologist reporting to the NCSP

Training Delivery

1. Contribute to the RCPA-NZ ASM meeting in 2018 in Wellington.

2. Organize a multiheader workshop with Dr Matthew Quick in cervical histopathology at Wellington Hospital prior to the RCPA ASM

3. Literature references ( 6 key articles from 2016 in histopathology and 6 in cytopathology) distributed electronically to assist pathologists to meet their individual CPD requirements and to support Journal Clubs that operate in individual laboratories. 

4. Create an A3 “Did you know…?” poster about changes that are coming to cervical screening, to be distributed to all laboratories reporting cervical histology

5. Create a SPANZ histopathology cases teaching set for circulation to all NZ histopathology laboratories

6. Invitation to attend the cytoscientists’ 2018 morphology workshops

7. Invitation to attend the NCPTS National Training Day in 2018.